What Are The Required Travel Therapy Forms



Once you finalize your company and recruiter, your recruiter will provide you with a list of basic paper work to begin assisting their job search for you. These forms should take roughly 1-2 days to fill out. Often you will fill these out online on the travel agencies portal or you can scan the paperwork and upload it to their portal.

The paper work will usually include the information following: 

Required Forms

  • Profile information: name, phone number, email, home address

  • Resume

  • Usually 2-3 professional references, preferable supervisors, including their name, address, phone and email are requested.

  • Any professional licenses, BLS, and other certifications

  • Employment edibility form (I-9 Form)

  • Legal information: Basic criminal background questions

  • Skills checklist: highlighting your experience/knowledge of various techniques, equipment, and settings

  • Drug screen

  • Background check consent form

  • Confirmation of position

  • Flu vaccine

  • Hepatitis and Rubella titers

  • Direct deposit Form (W-4)

  • Drivers license Copy

  • Computer access form

  • 2 Step TB test

  • Completed physical signed by your physican

  • Taxable housing form

Drug testing may take 1 day to perform, as you will need a special code from your employer and go to specific drug testing locations as a specific time. It takes several days for your travel company to receive the results.

Blood testing may also take a day to perform. Note that after you complete the blood tests, ask for a copy so that you can use it if you change employers so you wont have to do this blood test again.

Make sure that you have your employer reimburse you for any of these medical costs.


How Should I Keep Track Of My Travel Therapy Paperwork

It is best to keep paper copies as well as digital copies of your paperwork. Keep a simple folder on your computer titled ‘Completed Travel Forms” or a similar heading. I would also keep a form for each contract you have worked and for any additional paperwork needed by specific facilities.

Easy access to your travel therapy paperwork will make updating your resume easy as well as transitioning to other companies or assignments fast.

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