How To Tackle Your Loans

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This course will take you from confused and frustrated on how to tackle your student loans to a clear goal!


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Why You Need To Pay Off Your Loan ASAP

Interest rates are the reason you should pay off your debt ASAP! 
Here’s an example. Say you have a loan of $100,000 at 7% and you’re making $70,000.

You pay almost $7000 in just interest if you are making the minimum payments! After 10 years, that’s an additional $70,000 or more added on to your total loan! 

Pay Off Your Loans ASAP Savings Example:

-Using the above numbers, if you are using REPAYE, after 25 years, you would have paid over $163,000 over the life of your loan.
-You also have to pay taxes on the remainder balance for a total of over $23,000 in taxes
-Grand total of what you just paid over the life of your loan is $187,000!

Or….you could have just paid off that $100,000 in just 2 years and for only $108,000.

You save almost $100,000 by paying off your loan ASAP!!!!
In addition, you get the peace of mind to be done with your loans and the flexibility to do what ever you want to with your career.

How Can You Quickly Pay Off Your Loans?

My #1 tip: Get the highest paying career possible!
Traveling is my #1 job recommendation to help you get debt free! You earn massive income as well as gain valuable skills to demand top dollar.

I also have a free mentorship program to help get you started that includes my free ultimate guide to travel healthcare course (over 2 hours of videos and PDFs), my best selling E-book, and individual mentorship from myself. 

Lets take back our lives from our loans!

Ready To Get Debt Free?

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