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Recommended And Trusted Travel Recruiters

Bob Murray

  • Years of experience
  • Lightening speed communication
  • Amazing turnout to find you positions

Company Highlights:

  • Student loan reimbursement options for every contract at no cost to you (will not affect your pay compared to other companies)
  • Large availability of positions
  • 401K, health benefits, CEU reimbursement, rewards portal

Bob was such a breath of fresh air compared to other recruiters! He was great, very detailed and thorough!

Traveler Review

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Jon Alexander

  • Prides himself on building relationships
  • Great communication

Company Highlights:

  • Student loan reimbursement options for every contract at no cost to you (will not affect your pay compared to other companies)
  • Large availability of positions
  • 401K, health benefits, CEU reimbursement, rewards portal

Jonathan has been amazing to work with! A few things that make him stand out from other recruiters: he remembers my personal interests and pitches me jobs that fit the”criteria” we have discussed rather than any travel SLP job that needs filled.

Traveler Review

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Ann Marie Ruggiero

  • 17 years of experience with travel recruiting
  • Loves to educate new travelers
  • Great communication, helpfulness, and ability to listen

Company Highlights:

  • $500 for CEUs or student loan reimbursement provided for each assignment, after the initial contract
  • Unlimited mentorship from Susan, a former traveler and OT for 8 years
  • 401K vesting day 1 with 5% matching, health benefits, travel relocation reimbursement

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Jeremy Grimalidi

  • Years of experience
  • Loves making sure you know how to travel
  • One of the top recommended recruiters nationwide

Company Highlights

  • Receive a free vacation after 3 contracts
  • Healthcare benefits, CEU reimbursement, 401K program
  • Large availability of positions

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Jennifer Kelly

  • Years of experience
  • Extremely knowledgeable and willing to teach
  • Not pushy or salsey
  • One of the top recommended recruiters nationwide
  • 17 Years recruiting solely rehab professionals
  • 8 time recruiter of the year award winner from Modern Medicine Magazine

Company Highlights

  • Reward portal
  • Healthcare benefits, free CEU portal, 401K program
  • Large availability of positions
  • An original travel company in business for over 40 years.  We have thousands of contracts nationwide…increasing our ability to find that job in the matching clinical setting.
Jennifer helped teach me almost everything I know about traveling. She taught me how to be a successful traveler, was patient, and it always felt like she had my best interests at heart! 
~Traveler Review

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Scott Sutarik

  • Years of experience
  • Loves teaching and making it fun
  • Chill relaxed guy yet hardworking

Company Highlights

  • Mentor program: Get paired with another traveler in your profession
  • Large array of positions
  • Healthcare benefits, CEU reimbursement, 401K

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Bryan Hagg

  • Years of experience
  • Very responsive communication, yet not pushy
  • Used to be teacher so loves to teach

Company Highlights

  • $5,000 in student loan reimbursement paid out over 2 years *must work 2 years
  • Mentor program: pairs you with a fellow traveler in the same profession
  • Large array of positions
Brian is an awesome recruiter! He is an excellent listener, very caring and really goes out of his way to help find the best job for you!
~Traveler Review

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Rachel Davidoff

  • Years of experience
  • Very responsive, friendly, yet not pushy
  • My name is Rachel Davidoff and I’ve been a Travel Therapy Recruiter for 11 years. I take pride in the strong relationships I have with my traveling therapists. I’m upfront, honest, and create a realistic picture of what to expect in the travel therapy world. I advocate for my therapists. 

    Company Highlights

  • Local offices to help you in person if needed (very rare for other companies)
  • Health benefits, array of housing options
  • Large array of positions
“You always made me feel as though I was your only therapist. Nothing was too much, and you were not only
available to help me at any time, you never made it feel like an inconvenience.
~Traveler Review

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