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Understanding Your Loan Repayment Options Free Course

Understand the true costs of your loans in a simple way!

Earn 6 Figures as a Travel Therapist

Learn how to get started in the best path to paying off your loans and earning 6 figures – even as a new grad!

Extra Cash Made Simple

Earn money with only a couple of clicks! No buisness needed! Plus learn some awesome tools to save more!

About Me

Physical therapist, experienced traveler, and buisness/student loan mentor for all!

Student loans almost broke me! But I fought back and I have been able to earn 6 figures even as a new graduate in a variety of settings. Now I’m on a mission to teach you what you NEED to know to help you:

Crush your student loans and grow financially free!

Earn 6 figures in settings such as travel PT, OT, SLP!

Start an amazing online buisness such as a blog, a podcast or be a best selling author (yep checked that one off my list last year!)


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“School gave me the basics to become a great clinician but did not prepare me for life after graduation. Emma has been so helpful and patient with me, explaining everything I need to know to get my finances in order and laying out all my options when it comes to creating the physical therapy career that fits best with my life goals. “Rafael N. PT, DPT

“Emma has been a fantastic mentor! Her program has helped me to make my travel PT dreams a reality. She spent countless hours guiding me in the right direction in terms of travel companies, recruiters, student loan repayment options and all questions related to travel PT. She truly cares about creating a successful travel experience for other physical therapists!”
Deanna M. PT, DPT

“Emma has made me feel so  much more confident with my path to public service forgiveness! She helped me create a personalized plan as I transitioned from traveling to PSLF.  Working with someone who relates to my exact situation and gives me hope is priceless!”    
Courtney S. PT,DPT

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Yes – you CAN become DEBT FREE in just SEVERAL YEARS! Join me now in the 5 Steps To Debt Freedom Online Course and lets conquer your loans together!

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