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Below Are The Most Common Questions And Answers About Travel Healthcare

Who Can Travel?

Really anyone can travel, from computer engineers to therapists! Travel healthcare is open to almost all allied health professionals and for many allied professions all you need is your professional license and 0-2 years experience! Yes, New grads can travel!

How Do I Get Started?

This is where I come in and help you through every step so that you don’t have to stress! The first step to travel is to find a top company and recruiter. If you would like to get my top recruiters and save you tons of time, just sign up below or email me at debtfreept@gmail.com. Included with working amazing recruiters, is my mentorship program where you get my amazing online course and support from myself every step of the way!

How Long Are Assignments?

Assignment lengths can vary, but are usually between 4-26 weeks long. Majority are 13 weeks. It is key to note that you could renew your contract at many facilities so you can stay longer! Traveling has tons of flexibility in the fact that you can take as many or as few travel contracts as you want!

How Will This Affect My Future Employment?

Transitioning into a permanent career is super easy! Many travel therapists return to the permanent sector and earn much more than they would have if they had stayed in the traditional field the whole time. Travelers can leverage their amazing and varied experience as well as their high pay to negotiate a higher salary or a more advanced position.

How Much Do Travelers Make?

Travel healthcare workers are in high demand! Due to many factors, travelers can earn 1.5-2x more than traditional positions although I cannot guarantee an exact earnings as it varies by profession, state, setting and experience level.

Average pay rates for PT’s can potentially vary from $78,000-$104,000 a year after taxes!

In addition, many companies may provide compensation for your housing, meals and incidentals as well as a variety of benefits and bonuses.

Can I Travel With Family?

YES!  You can travel locally or afar, and you can travel with your family, friends, loved ones – even your pets! As a traveler, you may be able to get your meals and housing reimbursed, so you family can stay in the provided or reimbursed housing.

Can New Graduates Travel?

YES!  You are in a great position to travel! Traveling can help you choose what setting you ultimately want to settle in. Traveling can also help pay off your loans in just a few years! Traveling can also build your skills so much faster because you will experience more variety of patients, work with more mentors, and speak with a wider volume of interdisciplinary team members. Traveling takes the risk out of trying new things! 

What Are The Travel Benefits?

Most travel agencies offer a variety of benefits including the following:

  • Health insurance
  • Retirement programs with matching (401K)
  • Workers compensation, disability
  • Life insurance
  • Housing and meal stipends/reimbursement
  • Travel reimbursement
  • CPR, license and CEU reimbursement
  • Some companies even help pay for your student loans!

Where Do Travelers Work?

Many travel agencies offer positions nationwide! In addition, positions are often available in almost every setting including: outpatient, acute care, acute rehabilitation, schools, pediatric clinics, military bases and sub acute rehabilitation centers.

You get to pick exactly where you want to travel to and in what setting!

Still have questions? 

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