The Ultimate Guide To Travel Physical Therapy Ebook

I was a traveling physical therapist for several years and my experience as a traveling therapist has helped build my finances years faster than any permanent position.  In addition, beyond my financial growth, travel therapy enabled me to build my experience as a therapist light years faster than any other position. There are so many amazing benefits to travel therapy and I want to share them with you!


What is Travel Physical Therapy

Travel physical therapy is a part of the travel healthcare career path. This career path includes many different settings including: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nurses, physicians and many more allied health professionals.  To read more, go to:  What is Traveling Therapy page.


Why is Travel Therapy Amazing

  • Traveling healthcare is one of the BEST ways to conquer your student debt

  • Flexible work schedule and improved vacation time

  • Ability to trial various settings and gain amazing work experience

  • Ability to build your resume and negotiation power

  • Travel the nation essentially for free

To learn more, go to travel therapy advantages!  


How Does Travel Therapy Work

Think of traveling healthcare as a version of per diem or contract work. Travel assignments are often 13 weeks and are often for facilities in desperate need for help. As a result, these facilities are willing to pay a higher salary in order to attract healthcare workers fast! In addition to a higher salary, traveling healthcare can have a unique payment structure in which you could receive tax free stipends for meals and housing.

If you are a savvy traveler, you could end up making a salary in the range of $1500-$1700 per WEEK, AFTER TAXES! That comes out to $78,000-88,400 AFTER TAXES per year!

This accelerated earnings has enabled me to feel more financially secure and helped me to tackle my $200,000 of student debt. To learn more about how to repay your student loan debt with traveling click here.  


How Do I Become A Traveling Therapist

There are 2 ways to learn how to get started as a traveler:

  1. Read the related blog posts with links below OR

  2. Get “The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Physical Therapy” Ebook (its only $2.99, less than the price of a coffee!) . I recommend this way because it will save you hours of researching, scanning blogs and there lots more secret tips in my book!


The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Physical Therapy: Travel the Nation, Maximize, Income, Build Unbeatable Experience

Why You Should Buy The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Physical Therapy:

With this ebook, you should easily be able to start your travel therapist career. As a PT, you deserve to have freedom, flexibility and get paid what you deserve. With travel therapy, you will be able to travel the nation and work as much or as little as you want. With travel therapy, you could also be able to earn 2x more than the average therapist!

My 140 page comprehensive guide covers:

  1. Step by step guide on how to become a traveling therapist

  2. What is traveling therapy

  3. Requirements to be a traveling therapist

  4. Advantages and challenges of traveling healthcare

  5. How to choose the right travel therapy company and assignments for you

  6. How to travel as a NEW GRADUATE

  7. How to pay off your student loans with traveling therapy

  8. Secrets to maximize your travel paycheck and save money as a traveler

  9. Salary, raise and bonus negotiation

  10. Tax Rules for traveling therapists

  11. Interview secrets

  12. Packing list for traveling therapists

  13. Top recommended travel therapy companies

  14. and more!!!!!!!!!

In addition, with this book purchase you will be able to receive a FREE consultation on any further questions you may have.

My goal is to simply and concisely explain the common needs and questions that new travelers may have.  This book should provide you with the exact steps you need to start traveling and travel successfully and with ease!

If there are any topics that are missing or you would like further detail on, please comment below and I will get back to you with more information. This book is really comprehensive and is an impressive deal for only $2.99 cents!


Travel Therapy is Lower Risk Than You May Think!

When I first thought about becoming a travel therapist, I was very concerned. I did know any travelers and my professors had never discussed with career route.

However, now there are tons of resources for travelers and tons of great reviews about travel physical therapy. Including this website and Facebook group: Travel Therapy 101

The biggest message I want to provide is that travel therapy is low risk. It takes only about 2 weeks to start a travel therapy assignment and assignments are often only 13 weeks. That means that you can try travel therapy for 3 months and then easily move on to a permanent position!

Not Sure If Traveling Is For You? Get Started Here!

Below are a series of related posts to help you get started in traveling healthcare for free! 

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Don’t have a kindle device to read the Ebook? Don’t worry! There is an absolutely free kindle reading app that can enable you to read kindle books on any device!

Disclaimer: Salary ranges provided are averages from a list of different traveling companies and my personal experience. They are not to be taken as promise for a certain earnings as each state and facility will have a different pay rate.

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