As a travel physical therapist, there are several things I always looked at when I choose my travel companies including responsiveness, trust worthiness, hardworking attitude and the ability to listen to my goals and work for ME to get the best JOB that fit those GOALS.

Why choose Synergy Medical Staffing for your travel PT, OT, or SLP needs?

I recently stumbled upon Synergy Medical Staffing and one of their top recruiters, Susan a former traveling occupational therapist herself.

Since meeting, we have had several talks which impressed me so much that I had to share why Synergy should be on any travel therapists’ radar.

These are the top reasons why you should choose Synergy for traveling:

  1. They have high accountability standards. Few companies that I’ve met have an actual written standard that they hold their recruiters and themselves to. I spoke with the founder of Synergy and he really felt that this accountability and this ability to treat travelers like family is a must have in any travel company.
  2. They provide all the details of assignments, including all pay information. Finally, no guessing!
  3. They have recruiters who are therapists and former travelers! Susan stood out to me as someone I needed to share with the community because it is really rare to have recruiters who are former traveling therapists. This is a huge factor, because it will help provide better education and success for travelers and it will also help create a relate-ability to strengthen the bond between recruiter and traveler. Susan is a former OT traveler who worked for over 6 years with Synergy and is now a recruiter with them. She shared her travel experiences and how she is able to provide true understanding and honest answers to travelers and mentor them throughout their travel contracts.
  4. They help you with CEUs! They provide $500 per year for CEU reimbursements. It’s nice that they provide reimbursement, because this allows you the flexibility to choose what kind of CEU courses you want to take.
  5. They work from home. With no central office to waste money on, they can have the lowest overhead possible and the best pay packages possible for their travelers.

What are key financial benefit’s Synergy Medical Staffing provides?

  • Overtime pay: They pay a “higher overtime rate than the industry standard”. They take your blended rate (your housing, food and pay rates) to make your overtime rate. Many companies simply take your hourly rate, which is usually much less to make your overtime rate. For example, if your blended pay rate was $50 per hour, then your overtime would be at least $50 if not more. While typically your pay rate at a traditional traveler would be $20-25 per hour, so that would be from which your overtime was based from.
  • Mentorship: Mentorship is available, at no cost to you! Mentorship will have no affect on your traveler rates.
  • 401K plans: 100% vested at day 1!! This is a great benefit, as probably about 80-90% of companies will not provide 100% vesting in your 401K until you have worked 3 years. Plus Synergy matches 100% of up to 3% of your pay and 50% of 4-5% of your pay.
  • CEU reimbursement: They provide $500 per year for CEU reimbursements. (Must work 6 months).
  • Health benefits: They provide low cost health, vision, dental benefit plans.
  • Housing: Fully furnished housing or tax free housing for travelers during assignments.
  • Weekly Pay: Weekly pay that is directly deposited into your account.
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Job bonuses
  • Free professional liability insurance
  • Licensing assistance

What are Synergy’s accountability standards and why this is a standout feature?

  • Responsive: Synergy prides themselves on responding to any call, text, or email within 2 hours (during working hours).
  • Equality: They always provide the best pay package they can get based on the client’s needs.
  • Speed: They have jobs all over and strong relationships with clients as well as using technology and efficiency to move quickly to get you the ideal travel position.
  • Transparency: They promise to be upfront with pay, client info, guaranteed hours and anything else.
  • Authentic: Synergy is a smaller, family run company that stands by their word.
  • Communicative: They promise the highest level of communication and to be in touch at all times.
  • Knowledgeable: They have over 15 years of experience.

Meet Susan, Occupational therapist and former traveler, turned recruiter!

Susan is an experienced occupational therapist, since 2007, who traveled for 6 years. Now she helps others do the same!

She loved traveling OT as it enabled her to meet new therapists, see new and different types of patients, and learn new things in each setting. Susan sums up why she loved traveling as “the opportunity for exploration and growth”.

Now that she is a recruiter, who is helping therapists start their travel journey and find their exciting traveling jobs, she really enjoys sharing the in’s and out’s of traveling with new graduates and seasoned therapists. She really enjoys sharing about the jobs, the benefits  and the challenges and helping new travelers understand how the traveling world works, especially since she was a former traveler.

Susan really wanted to share this top advice to travelers:

“Getting to travel as a therapist will be the most rewarding and, at times, most challenging experience you will have as a therapist. However, you will become one of the most well rounded therapists because of it. No other way gives you the breadth of skills for life, in general, as well as a therapist as travel therapy does.”

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