The New Grad Success Summit is a free online conference aimed at helping new, soon to be, or recent graduates in the healthcare profession feel successful straight out of graduation. 

The summit consists of 16 expert healthcare professionals speaking on the topics including:

  • How to pay off your student loans
  • How to avoid and prevent burnout as a new graduate
  • How to write denial and audit proof documentation
  • How to write a resume and cover letter
  • How to interview and negotiate for thousands more
  • and many more amazing presentations.

The summit literally answers every question a new graduate in healthcare would have.

The summit was created with the intent to potentially change the career and life of many struggling healthcare professionals.  Despite, the amazing content provided with each talk, there was a challenge to reach the people would most benefit from these masterclasses.

Video is king in social media right now. And so I was determined to help create attractive and informative videos to spread the word of this summit.  Since I am still a full time physical therapist and that I have limited technology knowledge and skill, I needed to find a software that could help me create videos fast and easily. These videos also needed to look professional.

After using several different video platforms, each with their own benefits, I discovered InVideo. InVideo is a simple video creation software that helps you create a variety of sized videos in just a couple minutes.

There were several reasons why I chose InVideo.

  1. They have numerous templates. I’m not the most creative person and I also do not have tons of time to spend on graphic design, nor am I a branding expert. Having these templates expediated the creation process 100fold.
  2. They have a variety of sized videos. There are tons of social media channels that you can use to advertise and spread awareness to your brand.  But the biggest struggle is that each platform favors a different sized or shaped video. With InVideo, you simply choose what size video you want to create.
  3. They have built in music. Music can really help make videos more appealing. Finding royalty free music can be expensive and time consuming. With InVideo, you can quickly select music or upload your own music track to use.
  4. They have stock photos and videos. Sometimes, there just isn’t time to create a professional photo or video.  In InVideo, you can select a variety of different photos and videos to use in case you don’t have the time or the skill to create your own images.

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms and videos on Instagram rank extremely high. However, besides simple videos, it can be challenging to post really engaging videos in Instagram without spending a fortune to use a fancy social media tool. InVideo has an Instagram video template and this has really helped make posting engaging videos to Instagram easier. I am also posting videos to Facebook as well.

How my videos have done so far?

I’ve created 2 videos for the summit which you can check out here:

I’ve only just started to promote the summit, so views are few. But I’ll update this post later when the summit has been completed to share how the videos were received and how many views each video got.

I’m excited to continue to use to help create promotional videos for my website, summit and social media. I encourage others to take a look too at this platform if they have limited time and technology skill.

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