Finding A Travel Therapy or Nursing Position


This is by far the easiest part for the traveler as most of this is accomplished by the recruiter. Once you secure a travel therapy/nursing agency and register with a recruiter, then your resume and information will be sent out to your approved jobs.

In several days to 1 week, you should begin the phone interview process. The demand for therapists and nurses is so high, that you will find many opportunities for travel work.

However, there are several things you can do to help your job search process:

1. Be open to several locations for travel assignments. For example, it may be hard to find travel assignments in the small town of Westwood, NJ but if I open up my search to a 30 mile radius around this town-then I will be more likely to find assignments.

2. Be open to various settings. Although it can be intimidating to work in a new setting, there may not be availabilities in certain settings within your desired work location. The more open you can be to trying new settings, the more you will find traveling easier.

3. Work with an agency that can offer you multiple job opportunities at once. This will allow you to compare the different positions and choose the best one for you. For example, if I am currently working with Company A, but they have no jobs for me within my demands, then I need to find a new company and see what the new company has available. Just because one company does not have openings does not mean they are not out there-it just means that your company may not have the ability to obtain that assignment. It is ok when you first begin to traveling, to use multiple companies at the same to choose an initial travel contract.

4. Be prepared to look ahead for positions but also to find last minute positions. One downside to traveling therapy is that many positions will not open to travelers until 2-3 weeks before the need. This is because the facilities really do not want to use travelers-we are expensive! So they try to hold out as long as possible, opening positions usually just before they are needed.

5. Carry Multiple Licenses: It is important to have flexibility as a traveler. The more states you can work in, means the more jobs you will have. If you carry/hold multiple professional licenses for various states then you will have a much higher likelihood of finding positions.

These are just 5 ways that will help you find your perfect travel therapy or nursing position. If you are continuing to have difficulty finding positions, then you can talk to your recruiter and see what opportunities they currently have. Don’t be afraid to change companies as well if you are not getting what you need out of your travel career.




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