How to Find Your Perfect Travel Recruiter

As a traveler, the top two things you need to succeed as traveler is a great travel agency and a great travel recruiter. Without these two things, it will be infinitely harder to find travel therapy contracts without a proficient recruiter and a connected travel agency. To learn the key characteristics of a great travel company here and to learn what questions to ask a travel company to know they are the right fit for you, click here! 

Why A Great Travel Recruiter Is Important

A travel recruiter is key to your success as travel therapist because they help search for positions for you and help contact facilities if no positions exist in your desired location.  Recruiters also help apply for assignments and are the main connection between you and the assignment’s hiring manager. In fact, when you negotiate for days off or increased pay- your recruiter is the one who then forwards this to the assignments manger.  A recruiter is also you main coach and go to person for travel related questions.

I chose my primary travel company largely because of my recruiter. As a new traveling therapist, I had many questions and my recruiter easily answered them with honesty. Additionally, she provided me with further information that I had not thought or known to ask. I knew with our conversations, that she wanted to find me a good facility to work at so that I would be happy. You should look for this same conversation with your recruiter, as some recruiters just want to fill a spot and get their commission.

Can I Change Recruiters? 

YES! At any time, you can always change recruiters. If you feel that your recruiter is not respectful or not trying to help you find work, then you can simply call the company and ask for different recruiter. All your paper work and information will stay the same so the transition will be very fast and easy. However, I always recommend that you try to work out any differences first. Before you move forward in changing recruiters, think of what changes you need made and have a simple conversation with recruiter. Let them know what you need and what you are missing from them, and give them a chance to change.


What Key Traits Should A Great Recruiter Have:

  • Caring

  • Honest

  • Good Communicator

  • Hardworking

  • Responds to Your Questions Quickly

  • Explains Answers To Your Questions Well

  • Open to Helping You

  • Patient


Choosing a company and recruiter should take no more than 1 week. Don’t stress about little details, focus on the big picture.




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