Why is MAS the best company for travel PTs’, OTs’ or any other healthcare professional?

MAS Medical Staffing has been instrumental in helping therapists pay off their student loans and grow their healthcare careers through traveling. But they are also real people.

To help you figure out if you should choose them for your travel career, you can read about their benefits, support and how they are setting a higher standard for travel agencies.

What is MAS Medical Staffing?

We are MAS, a boutique team of experienced, professional caregivers that are pushing the industry to realize that staffing must inspire, encourage and fulfill the lives that we intimately become a part of. Because we are a smaller team, we are able to take more individualized time with each and everyone one of our travelers to ensure optimum success and happiness.

With MAS Medical Staffing, you are in the driver’s seat of your travel career. You tell us where you want to go and what you’re looking for, and we’ll get you there. But your copilot seat is never empty. Your recruiter is there for you throughout your assignment, and our team is available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns, provide support and help you in any way possible.

Why travel PTs should choose MAS Medical Staffing

How MAS treats PT’s different from other agencies?

MAS always explains the entire travel process from the first initial phone call. They don’t like to leave any detail uncovered. It’s a team effort on their end and it’s important for our therapists to understand how we work on our end.

Transparency is huge, and once trust is established on both ends, we can work well together.

What makes a good recruiter-candidate relationship?

Here’s what Jon Alexander, a travel rehabilitation recruiter for MAS Medical Staffing, said in response to this: “I spoke to a traveler when I first started my recruiting career. This traveler worked with the same travel agency for 8 Years. When I asked why she stuck with the same company, she told me it was because of the recruiter.

This recruiter would answer her calls at any time of the day. She felt like she was never alone, even when traveling in remote locations, staying in hotels by herself, she never felt like her recruiter was not available. I took this conversation as a lesson on how to treat my Travelers and always point out that I’m always available to them when contracting with MAS.”

MAS Medical Staffing recently put on a free travelers meet-up at the Combined Sections Meeting in 2019!

Who do we prefer to work with?

Honest and passionate therapists who want to work with us.

What do we suggest for quick tips and tricks when first starting to travel?

Expect an adventure, whether it be good or bad, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Describe a difficult situation that you sometimes have to handle as a recruiter?

Jon Alexander from MAS shared this story, “I had an OT in Texas call me after her contract was canceled with a different travel agency. We found her a job down around the Houston area with one of our clients, however, this was right around the time Hurricane Harvey devastated the area. We had no housing options available, which never happens, but since this was a natural disaster, we were limited on answers. We decided to take a risk and front money this traveler we had never worked with in order for her to purchase an RV for her, her husband, and two dogs, so they would have a place to stay, and our client would have the OT they desperately needed. Our OT paid us back in full over the course of 6 weeks and ended up traveling with us for the next year! This is one of my favorite stories to tell!”

Why do we love our job?

The relationships we build with my travelers. We have made some great connections over the 2 years I’ve been here. We are all real people, not just voices over the phone. We have more in common with some of our travelers than others, and it really makes the long stressful days behind the desk worth it.

MAS has been super helpful with my mission to help therapists conquer their student loan debt!

What do we recruiters do after work?

Jon from MAS is a huge sports fan, so and loves to stay active playing softball, basketball, and hockey. When he’s not staying competitive, he’s at the gym working on my future Dad Bod. He also enjoys staying in and binge-watching TV shows or trying to prove how smart he is by watching Game Shows. He also enjoys DIY projects, so he’s constantly on YouTube trying to learn how to do something to save money on instead of paying for someone to do it.

You can sign up here for our free Travel Mentorship Program that includes the Ultimate Travel Success Course and How To Pay Off Your Loans With Traveling Course, personal assistance, as well help from the amazing recruiters Jon and Bob from MAS Medical Staffing!

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What are MAS’ Benefits?

MAS is more than a staffing agency.  We are facilitators of careers, support systems for families and innovators within the industry.  Our Candidates choose to work with MAS because of the benefits and customer experience we put forth.  We are smaller than our competitors and spend more time with each candidate and client to ensure quality customer services is at the top of our list.

Traveling is exciting but it shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing important benefits. The MAS Experience is all about rewarding our travelers how they want to be rewarded.

–          Optimum weekly compensation plus student loan reimbursement

–          Instant Pay – Get paid daily with MAS

–          401(k) with a company match after working full time for a year or completing 1,000 hours

–          Health Insurance, Dental, and Supplemental insurance offerings

–          Housing assistance or generous housing stipends

–          Travel reimbursements

–          Licensure assistance & reimbursements

–          Referral bonuses – tell your friends about and earn extra cash

–          MAS Rewards Me Program – receive rewards points just by working with us to redeem on amazing prizes like trips, flights, and technology.

–          Dedicated recruiters on call 24/7 via text, email, or phone

Is there someone we can speak to after hours?

We pride ourselves in 24/7 service where you will have your recruiters cell phone number for any after hour needs.

Do you provide mentorship and on boarding?

At MAS we want to do more than just place you in a position.  We want to create a strong relationship to support the direction that you want your career to go by finding positions that will help you get there. Whether you want to explore different places or experience new opportunities we can help you do that. Our recruiters and departments are there with you every step of the way. Your recruiter is your initial point of contact but then you are introduced to our compliance and housing departments for even more assistance. If you are new to traveling, your recruiter will answer all questions and hesitations so you will feel your best beginning your new travel assignment.

We have veteran MAS travelers who are also here cheering you on and are available to jump on a call and discuss their personal experiences with you. We also follow up during your assignments to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your new assignment.

Once you take on an assignment with us, you will become a part of the MAS Team!

How does your student loan reimbursement program work?

  1. After your first assignment you will get $500 per assignment and up to $2000 per calendar year.

2.       How often can you get reimbursed?

You can get reimbursed for every completion of a full 13-week assignment.

3.       Is there a limit to the number of reimbursements?

No, you can get reimbursed for each assignment you take, so if you work four 13 week assignments then you can get $2000 per calendar year after your first assignment.

4.       How do we receive this reimbursement?

You must provide proof of loan to your recruiter.

5.       What inspired you to include student loan reimbursement?

Our culture revolves around building our employees so they can excel in both work and their personal lives. We are driven to spread that culture to our travelers. Everyone has goals they are working towards and we want to be that aid to help accomplish those goals. Whether you want to build your resume with new work experiences, continue your medical education, or pay off their student debt, we want to be able to offer those opportunities. Our travelers should feel like we are on their side cheering them on to accomplish their growth.

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