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Episode 3: Dr. Mike Chua Founder of and Author of MisUnderstanding Dementia


Treat Dementia better! Dr. Mike Chua’s website has a free “MisUnderstanding Dementia Worksheet” and free Ebook to help practitioners and families care for those with Dementia!  Dr. Mike Chua’s also has an amazing course which provides strategies on how to take care of patients or loved ones with Dementia. 


Just for podcast listeners, the first 50 listeners can use the code “fire” to get Mike’s course on better understanding dementia for FREE! 






Time Stamps of Key Topics:

1:10  How Dr. Mike Chua discovered his niche business: caring for those with Dementia.

3:42 Certified Dementia Practitioner requirements.

5:11 How Mike titled his book and self published MisUnderstanding Dementia.

7:05 How to scale your business using one great idea. Mike published the book “MisUndertanding Dementia” and from this created his MisUnderstanding Dementia Course and also offers personal consulting/Telehealth on the subject.

10:10: How to run your business successfully.

11:58 Finding a good virtual assistant.

13:30 How to hire virtual assistants (VAs)

14:15 Entrepreneurs biggest struggle: trusting others.

15:41: Virtual assistant apps and why you need to hire a good VA.

19:27 How to create Facebook Live videos in your car.

21:27: How Mike created Telehealth for Dementia Care

25:29 How TN therapy staffing works with home health agencies and earns passive income using employees.

28:21 Mike’s greatest highlights: my greatest highlights are actually my greatest failures. Once you fail and learn how to get up, thats your highlight. How many times you get up and do this all over again is what counts. I failed english exams, I failed the NPTE, I was refused visas, rejected in job interviews and to come to the United States and yet here I am!”

32:04 How to delegate to manage your time and maintain your sanity!

33:15 Sideline app explanation.

33:45 Mike’s advice to new entrepreneurs: “Just do it.” If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

35:58 Where you can reach mike and get his free book and course!


Key Points:

  • Scale your business by finding a niche and then creating several products from your niche such as books, courses, consulting.

  •  Just do it!

  • Branding into tele health is the new wave for solo entrepreneurs!

  • If we stop pushing forward we won’t succeed!

  • Don’t put limitations on yourself, business is about trial and error.

  • Have multiple social media platforms : videos, Facebook, books, podcasts, courses.

  • VAs should already know the technology and tell you how to be more productive!

  •  Delegate! You do what you do best and delegate the rest to others that are an expert in that field!


Technology and Resources Mentioned:

Tele Health Technology: 


Blue Jay 

Virtual Assistant Tools:



Texting and Productivity Tool:

Sideline: answers and texts patients

Mentorship and Networking:

SSPT with Greg Todd

Places to find Virtual Assistants:

Upwork and Fiverr




Author of MisUnderstanding Dementia

Chief Inspirational Officer of TN Therapy Outsource 

Facebook page: Dr. Mike Chua DPT , MisUnderstanding Dementia

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