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Episode 1: Dr. Meredith Castin the founder of The Non-Clinical Physical Therapist and Co-Founder of New Grad Physical Therapy


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Time Stamps of Key Topics:

0:46: How Meredith co-founded New Grad Physical Therapy.

Meredith after several years realized she wanted to transition out of the clinical portion of physical therapy. She and a fellow co-worker created NGPT with the help of another therapist who was currently creating his optometry site: New Grad Optometry. With his mentorship, NGPT grew quickly.

4:27: How Meredith used her experience to get freelance writing jobs and rehab liaison through Creative Circle, which is a creative staffing company.

7:57 Meredith’s transition in to the Non Clinical PT Website.

Meredith through NGPT was receiving many questions related to burnout and transitioning away from the clinical side of therapy. She knew this was a key topic but unfortunately the other founders did not think it aligned with their brand. As a result, she created the website The Non Clinical PT where she provides resume editing, mentorship and guidance to those wanting to exit the clinical side and transition into new non clinical roles. Her article on burnout in physical therapy amassed 400,000 views and this was able to fuel the success of her new website.

9:30 When Meredith realized her business niche in non-clinical career guidance and how she made the leap to 100% non-clinical work.

11:40 Top non-clinical questions:

  • What do you want to do?

  • What comes naturally to you?

  • What are you top strengths on the job or outside of the job?

13:30 Explanation of a utilization reviewer.

15:30 Explanation of a user experience position.

It is taking software or devices and making sure you are providing the proper experience to your viewers. Gives an example of having the scroll bar on the right instead of left for a phone application.

20:20: Interesting fact: Women only apply if they meet 70% of the requirements while men will apply if they meet only 50% of the application.

23:00: Biggest fears or difficulties with transitioning out of clinical practice

  1. Facing backlash or judgment with the transition or with her side hustles.

  2. Don’t down grade your accomplishments.

26:55: How Meredith’s brand and website name was created.

27:20: Why it’s ok to ask for help.

30:46: Top 2 tools to help entrepreneurs:

  • Word press: Content management system to manage your backend. You need something like word press to create a website.

  • SEO: (Search engine optimization)

32:54: 2 SEO secrets:

1. Search for keywords that have intent. Try to find more niche keywords. Know what your audience is searching for and make this into a list.

2. Use a good tool such as free extension Key Words Everywhere. The tool is an extension to your browser. For example, put in travel therapy jobs in pediatrics and will tell you the monthly search volume, competition, and cost per click.

3. Go for search terms that are lower volume because they have lower competition but a lot of intent so high user interest. Blend the “cold hard facts” with focus and ask yourself what would you be searching for.

35:10: How Meredith became a debt free PT:

1. She found a scholarship

2. Went to a newer school that was lower cost

3. Worked as a freelance web designer

36:47: Meredith’s top advice to become a debt free PT:

1. Look for the cheapest school you can find

2. Look for scholarships

3. Look for somewhere you can live for free or for cheap

4. Keep your costs low

5. Live lean when you first graduate

37:00: Dollar meal contest to budget food costs.

This is a competition to come up with the cheapest meal. Her meal of choice was a $1.00 loaf of bread, an apple and tuna fish and then “maple surprise” for dessert. Maple surprise recipe: Toast, butter and maple syrup.

39:30 Why you don’t need an expensive graduate school.

39:00: Meredith’s recommendation for mentorship upon graduation to build your career.


Key Points:

  •  Take the leap. Just apply to positions, try a new career or start you business.

  • To get a non-clinical job: It’s not about having a marketing or business background; it’s about having transferable skills that you can prove will match that job.

  • Women only apply to positions if they meet 70% of the requirements while men will apply if they meet only 50% of the application.

  • Don’t make external judgments your inter critic because the judgments from others likely stem from lack of knowledge or insecurity.

  • Be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy!




Meredith’s website:

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Meredith’s NGPT Burnout Article: Physical Therapy Burnout is Destroying Our Profession

Start your non clinical journey today! Just for podcast listeners, get 20% off of any of Meredith’s services, coaching, and products by using code “debtfreept”. 


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