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Podcast Show Notes

Episode 2: Dr. Jennifer Palmer, Founder of Global PT Connect.

Global PT connects physical therapists around the globe to help understand what it is like to be a PT in other parts of the world.


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Time Stamps:

1:00 How Dr. Palmer came up with the idea to start Global PT Connect.


3:45 Differences in physical therapy clinics in Japan compared to the United States.

  • Small clinics

  • More basic, simple clinics

  • Group sessions with more social factors

  • Therapists work all day long, often till 10pmfa


6:00 Favorite Global PT Story: Otieno Martin Ong’wen (@kenyanphysio, @ongwenmartin on Twitter), Kenyan physiotherapist.


8:15 Comparison of caseloads in Japan compared to the United States.


9:47 How Dr. Palmer found sources for Global PT Connect via Instagram.


11:12 Instagram Tips:

  • Look up top hashtags pertaining to your topic.

  • Leave comments on other’s Instagram accounts

  • Reposting and supporting others on Instagram


13:26 Dr. Palmer’s business and physical therapy challenges: Hoping that others support you and overcoming the initial phase of working in your business without any financial gains.


15:30 Greatest moment while creating Global PT Connect: Helping others with Instagram and connecting with amazing physical therapists.


16:45 How Dr. Palmer balances creating a business while practicing full time as a physical therapist.


17:57 Top takeaway for THERAPISTS ON FIRE listeners: “Everyone is starting somewhere, so help each other build this profession and learn and respect everyone’s opinions and strengths. “


19:10 Top takeaway to therapists and military spouses


21:10 Where you can reach Dr. Jen Palmer and Global PT Connect

Key Takeaways:

  • You can find gains in patients even without high-end equipment. Get creative and don’t let that stop you from running your therapy practice or business.

  • Network and connect with others to grow and learn together.

  • Show your support for others and those people may support you as well.

  • Don’t be afraid to promote and share your ideas!

  • Take each win and victory in stride!


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