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Episode 4: After 20 plus years a pediatric physical therapist, Heather M. Denman MPT, cTMR is taking a leap and creating her own tele-health pediatric physical therapy practice called Abilibee Therapy: Unique Therapy For Unique Kids!

This episode is about creating tele-health practices and changing peoples lives through an incredible technique called Total Motion Release(TMR)! Heather walks us through how she was inspired to start her tele-health practice, the challenges she faced, and how she is making amazing impact in her patients lives through Total Motion Release. I encourage you to listen all the way to the end, as she dives deep and gives a very detailed explanation of how you can use this technique in your practice today!







Time Stamps:


  • 1:19 How Heather was inspired to start Abilibee Therapy, a tele-health clinic for pediatrics with an emphasis on Total Motion Release.


  • 5:25 The challenges to starting her own business and how a loss of job inspired change!


  • 7:45 How technology has inspired a new wave of clinicians.


  • 8:30 The challenges of leaving a more stable permanent position.


  • 17:59 Achievements: the ability to solve challenges, acquire new information and knowledge.


  • 18:59 What is Total Motion Release(TMR) and how to get certified


  • 22:09 How she uses TMR with pediatrics. She teaches the parents how to work directly with their child from the start to potentially get better results.


  • 23:00 How TMR works:

-You look for areas of restrictions in the body, which may affect movements in other places

-You are look for stretch weakness on one side and binding on the other side

-TMR doesn’t stretch because it may cause a variety of issues and also is painful, so you actually allow that side of the body to relax and let go.


  • 28:30 Several specific examples and case studies of how to use TMR and how this has really changed patient’s lives.

-Child that was a toe walker. After just several weeks, by encouraging relaxation of the plantar flexors, this actually solved her pain as well as her toe walking.


  • 40:18 How to work with patients in casts or immobilizers to maintain strength by using the opposite limb and exercising the opposite limb.


  • 44:20 Heather’s advice to future or potential healthcare entrepreneurs:

-Weight out what your life looks like and how much time you can commit

-Do you have a good support system?

-Do you have children and can you set time aside to do what you need to do and not feel guilty about how this may affect your family

-Are you at a point in your life where you can change and fail? Can you afford to fail?

-Financially can you support this venture?

-Spend time researching, because there is going to be a lot more time that you think to do this.

-Make a pros and cons list

-Talk to friends and many people to get those counter arguments


  • 48:20 Where you can reach Heather Denman


Key Take Always:

  • Need and necessity inspire change and innovation.

  • You have to force yourself to step away and take breaks.

  • The start up takes a lot of work!

  • Don’t get distracted by shiny objects and all the technology to get started!

  • Anything you learn to build your business will help you grow in all other areas!

  • Take pride in your little accomplishments!

  • Total Motion Release is a great technique to treat children and also those post surgical or immobilized.


Resourses Mentioned:


Google G Suite for Hippa compliance and documentation





Heather Denman’s Website: 

Abilibee Therapy: Unique Therapy For Unique Kids

Facebook page:

Facebook group: Pediatric Physical Therapy Telehealth (open to OTs and SLPs as well!) 

Links about Total Motion Release:

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