Episode 10 of The Therapists On Fire Podcast Starring Julia Kuhn MS CCC-SLP

Start Your Online Side Hustle Through Blogging!


Julia Kuhn is an expert travel speech therapist who, after finding a lack of guidance in traveling, and wanting more support, created an amazing Facebook Group called Travel Therapy Therapists and the website The Traveling Traveler.


In just a few years, she has been able to dramatically grow her Facebook group organically and earn significant income from her associated blog! 


Time Stamps:

00:35   How Julia started her online career as a blogger. 

Julia started traveling in 2010 as a speech and language pathologist. After traveling with no support and little guidance, she realized that there was huge need for improved education about traveling.

In 2014 she started a Facebook group () to reach out to other travelers and share stories and guidance on traveling. From just a few people, this group has now reached over 7,000 people (as of 2018).

The growth was so rapid and Julia was receiving so many messages, that she realized she needed to create blog to write about her experiences and help guide other therapists to better resources.

She began to monetize the blog when she realized that she really needed too! She was spending tons of time and money to grow her skills, and she needed to earn a little in return.


5:00 She currently is able to work part time and grow her website during her off hours.  

5:55 What Julia would do differently about traveling. 

-Not being savvy about housing and not choosing the right jobs are her top 2 thing she wished she would have done differently. She now really prioritizes the jobs she wants to take as well as ensuring that assignments won’t cancel last minute.

10:05 How Julia grew her Facebook group from a few people to over 7,000 people (as of 2018).

-She monitored the group and tried to ensure the group was a safe place for discussion

-She listened to what her group wanted and what they were frequently asking

-She really focuses on giving good answers to questions

-She does advertise her group through her website’s email autoresponder

-She did share her group in other groups with a related message


13:30 How does her Facebook group affect her blog and her monetization of the blog


15:08 How she has grown her website 

-Forget about social media  – it’s only a one time burst. What you want to do is write things for Google so that people find you to answer their questions now and forever.

-Look into other channels such as Pinterest and Instagram


17:25 How Julia makes money through affiliate sponsorships and connections

-Affiliate connections are where you sell things that her readers need, use and solve problems. She creates a relationship through these affiliate brands and as a result, she gets a small proceed in return when a reader buys something through those links.


23:33 When she realized she needed to hire virtual assistants and get extra help for her buisness. 


Invest in yourself!

“Will I think about that $500 I spent 50 years later or will I think about the fact that I never took the leap and committed?”

It’s okay to spend a little bit on learning in order to achieve your goals!



Julias top advice for entrepreneurs and bloggers:

Just be you! Don’t think about the money!  And solve a problem for somebody!


Top tools and resources: 

Blog: WordPress.org

Hosting: Site Ground

Email marketing: Convert Kit

Finances: Fresh Books

SEO analysis: Ahrefs

Graphics: Canva

Virtual assistants


Get in contact with Julia!

Website: The Traveling Traveler

Facebook Group: Travel Therapy Therapists

You can listen on any device! Just search Therapists On Fire! 

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