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Episode 5: Dr. Kimberley Bell has revolutionized how to treat vestibular and balance disorders by creating The Bell Method. After discovering how mismanaged the care of so many patients with balance and vestibular problems was, she decided to open up her own cash based vestibular niche physical therapy clinic! 

This episode is about creating cash based practices, and specifically niche practices to really help your practice stand out! Kimberley walks us through how she was inspired to start her cash based practice, the challenges she faced, and how she creates a natural funnel to get patients in the door.

I encourage you to listen all the way to the end, as she gives a very detailed explanation of  the exact technology she uses as well as the team she hired to make sure she is covered legally as well as to help her grow to her fullest potential.





Time Stamps:


  • 1:11 Kimberley’s story

-Over 95% of the geriatric patients she worked with that had chronic falls, imbalance, fear of falling all had undiagnosed vestibular problems.

-She became involved with the San Diego Fall Prevention Task Force to educate and give to residents and this further sparked her interest in vestibular patients.


  • 3:56 How her undiagnosed health issues as well as the APTA NCS Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Course inspired her revolutionary treatment for vestibular patients called The Bell Method

  • 7:28 Creating a cash based practice and its challenges.

  • 8:12 Why cash PT is a better option (basically instead of chasing insurance reimbursement you actually get to focus on patient care).

*Note: You must still complete proper documentation and abide by your state practice act and APTA clinical guidelines for defensible documentation and accurate records.

  • 9:50 Kimberley found a PT attorney that helps PT’s with legal issues and helped Kimberley create a generic contract that allows patient’s to use their medicare B funds how they desire and use it as private payment so that Kimberley can work with patients of all ages.

  • 15:20 Raising your patient care prices and creating packages to meet your and your patient’s needs.

  • 21:30 How to deal with people who want to use insurance.

  • 23:14 How to function under direct access in CA.


  • 25: 30 People who pay cash are often more devoted, better outcomes.


  • 29:20 How to get refers to your cash practice- refer to those people, meet as a peer, talking about relationship and share what you do and your knowledge so that they know about you,  volunteer in community.


  • 33:39 Always follow up and how to follow up to build a client list.


  • 35:56 How to get reviews the right way and the honorable way.

  • 40:00 Business tips and tools.


  • 41:00  How to delegate to your team.

Kimberley’s team members:

-graphic designer

-professional word press developer

-business coach

-attorney for trademark and also for malpractice

-administrative assistant for social media and newsletter


42:05 Kimberley’s key technology

Email: Active campaign premium plan

Website: WordPress

Social Media: Hoot-suite free version

Credit card systems: Pay Pal – because it can invoice, take online payments and take in person payments with a card

To document and communicate: iPad, iPhone, iMac, and the i-cloud to sync and integrate


  • 46:58 How to find your dream team


  • 51:00 Hiring 1099 employees/contractors vs employee rules


  • 58:47 Kimberleys big advice to new entrepreneurs: Take care of yourself. Take advantage of the freedom and build in time for yourself. 


  • 1:01 Resources


Key Take Always:

  • “You can do this too! you just have to hone your skills, find a niche and be the best at it and go for it”

  • You can niche anything to create a business!

  •  Cash physical therapy will enable you to really treat people instead of chasing reimbursements and dealing with insurance

  • If you charge high ticket prices, you must provide quality customer service, go above and beyond and give amazing outcomes.

  • To build natural refers from other clinicians, refer to them first. Invite them to do a peer to peer chat and discuss what you do and how you can help that clinician’s patients.

  • Great way to get patients coming back is to send follow up cards, texts, emails or calls every 3-6 months. Can even be birthday cards etc.

  • Its ok to ask your patients to write recommendations and reviews for your business.


Resources Mentioned: 

Email: Active Campaign premium plan

Website: WordPress

Social Media: Hoot-Suite free version

Credit card systems: Pay Pal – because it can invoice, take online payments and take in person payments with a card

To document and communicate: iPad, iPhone, iMac, and the i-cloud to sync and integrate




 Dr. Kimberley Bell’s website and information: 


Blog articles: 

Facebook page: 



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