Top 3 Types Of Jobs You Can Start Today To Earn More Money

Top 3 Jobs To Earn More Money

I’m super excited to talk about this topic! My goal with this website is to provide you with real ways to conquer your debt, and if you are already debt free, then to help you become financially free. I hate posts, podcasts, and social media that wastes your time, and doesn’t go into depth – I want you to learn and so each of my articles goal it give you very actionable advise!


 I’m going to provide you with the three types of positions you can get TODAY to start earning more money!

But first, I want to simplify how you can become debt or financially free. When you look at your student loan debt, credit cards, or just the zero number in your bank account, I want you just think two goals:

Number 1: Earn more money

Number 2: Save more money


Now, I know what you are thinking “Life isn’t all about money Emma”. And you are 100% correct. I’m going to focus on saving you money and helping you earn more, but with each choice, you should also think about is this making your life better. For example, if I go out and get 3 jobs – heck yea I’m going to be making money, but am I going to be happy? No, I’m going to be burnt out and hating myself.

But making more money or saving more money doesn’t need to come at the expense of your happiness-and so many topics I discuss, I am choosing because they will continue to provide you with happiness as well as professional development.

So back to the 3 types of positions that you can begin today that will earn you more money!!!!

1. The first position is per diem.

This is the first position I’m going to discuss because it does not involve you quitting your job and finding a whole new one! This is going to be your side hustle. And you can start applying to per diem positions today.

High paying per diem positions are usually found working at skilled nursing facilities, home health, and more recently with tele health. As a per diem therapist, you can generally earn 10-15$ a hour more than your traditional position. So just one day’s work could earn you $300-500, that’s one months loan payment in one day! *Disclaimer: this is not a guarantee of earnings, all positions vary in their salary.

Not only is per diem a great side hustle to earn more, but it also will allow you to grow your clinical skills, especially if you are in an area that is different from your current setting. Many acute care physical therapists try to maintain their orthopedic skills by doing per diem outpatient, or vice versa.

And lastly, if you aren’t happy with your job, per diem is a great way to earn more, while seeing how the work environment is at this new facility. Many per diem therapists get first pick of new positions and often turn into full time employees.


2. The second position is contract work.

What is contract work? Contract employee’s work for a company, that has been hired by a facility or hospital to find them a employee. You are an employee of that company, although you work at the hospital or clinic. Many contract employees have annual contracts and these positions arise due to hiring difficulties or companies that just don’t want to match the benefits of their current employees.

This is a fairly stable career route, where you will make a high hourly wage, often similar to per diem rates but for general full time work. The down side is that after one year, they may not continue to need your services. Additionally, many contract employees don’t come with 401K and retirement plans as well as some other benefits that traditional jobs may have.

Strategically, If you choose to go the route of the self employed contract therapist, you may be able to claim many deductions and lower your taxable income. Even better, as of 2018, you will only be taxed on 80% of your earnings if you are self employed which further adds to the attractiveness of this career route. We’ll get to this also in later episodes.

Now you are probably wondering, where does telePT and home health fit into this. Yes, these are 2 very high paying positions. Right now, I’m just highlighting types of positions, but in later I will dive into the pros and cons of each career and the exact steps you need to start and flourish in that career route.


3. Third and my personal favorite is travel physical therapy.

Travel physical therapy is my personal favorite unique profession to conquer debt because I actually performed travel PT. So everything I’m talking about comes from personal experience!

So what the heck is travel PT?

Think of it as a shorter and more mobile version of contract work. Travelers are employees of and get paid by a travel company which is hired by some desperate facility to find workers.

Travelers are temporary need and so often work just 13 week assignments. But because of this short term need, they get reimbursed very very well. Many therapists can make between $1500-2000 after taxes! Many travelers earn at least 20% more but I feel this number is sometimes almost double what traditional positions earn, especially for new grads and for savy travelers. These 13 week positions can be in basically any setting and in any state.


Travel PT is super easy to get started. The requirements are easy:

  1. Graduate from accredited program

  2. Licensed PT in at least one state and this can be literally any state!

  3. 0-1 year of experience. This requirement is growing more and more flexible each year. Many travel companies are targeting new grads and have created programs to help transition them into travel PTs.


So what are advantages of traveling over these other options:

  • Test Out Settings: Traveling PT allows you to experience many different settings in a very short time. If you are confused as to what setting you want to specialize your career in, then traveling can really give you that picture.

  • Expand Skills: Working in so many different settings can also help you rapidly expand your skill set due to the variety of patients and the increased number of different professionals you will be exposed to for mentorship

  • Travel Nation: Since you can work nation wide, it’s a great way to travel around the nation and explore. And you are basically getting paid to do this sight seeing because many travel companies reimburse you for their flight or mileage.

  • Earn More and Conquer Debt: I’m just naming a few right now, but I think most importantly is that as a traveler you could make easily $80-100,000 as a new graduate, and this is potentially even after taxes! Many travelers, if they work hard and are budget conscious, can pay off their debt in 1-2 years! And im talking 6 figure debt! Plus, as a traveler, you still get benefits like you would in a traditional setting. Yep, many companies offer matching 401K and good health benefits!

  • Bonuses, CEU, Tax Free Stipends: Beside the increased pay, you have the potential for bonuses, perks like vacations, and tax free stipends.

What are the disadvantages of traveling?

I know right now I am potentially painting a biased option because I had a great experience as a traveler. And its true, its not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are a couple cons to traveling:

  1. As a new graduate, there are high work expectations and a potential for limited mentorship

  2. You have to be really organized with when your travel assignments end so that you can have a job prepared afterwards, especially if you want to travel to another state

  3. You have to be very good with communication as you will be meeting new people and having to manage your recruiter to ensure you have consistent work.

  4. You will be potentially moving around a lot.

Traveling is one of the best and funnest ways to pay off your loans and become financially free, but it really is best for someone who is single or has another loved one in the medical profession. Its not that you cant still travel, but it is much less stressful if you are single or travel together.


So where can you find these careers?

Many are posted on job boards online such as Indeed. For travel therapy positions, you can search specific travel therapy companies which will also have their own specific job boards. Talking to your co-workers, classmates or alumni, friends and family are also ways to find positions.

Facebook is also growing in popularity and more and more people are creating job boards as Facebook groups to find positions in certain sectors such as tele pt, home health, and travel therapy. If you are looking for the best travel jobs and companies then comment below or shoot me an email at and I’ll hook you up with my exclusive mentorship program!


How do you know if these routes are right for you?

Per Diem: 

First, per diem work is usually the lowest risk of these choices. You can quit at any time and it really wont affect you professionally. In addition, many per diem positions will only require you to work 1-2 a month, which is a very low commitment. I highly recommend per diem positions for new graduates as it rapidly increases your experience level and provides you with additional mentors to grow your skills. As a new grad, you are also trying to find you passion and your first job may not ignite that passion. Working per diem, you could trial other settings and find the one just right for you!


Contract Work:

Contract work comes with its series of risks which we discussed. If you have a family or children, I think you can find more consistent high paying positions. In addition, make sure if you are doing contract work, that they are really paying you an amazing salary.


Travel Therapy: 

Travel therapy is not right for everyone either. As a new graduate, if you aren’t an independent, confident professional yet than this may not be the best path YET. As a traveler, you really have to make a lot of different career choices, and mentorship may be limited. But if you are a confident and hardworking new graduate, then I think you can conquer this career right just like everyone else! Traveling is also maybe not best for families or children, because I don’t want to suggest a position that would maybe take you away from spending time with your loved ones or causing them to relocate all over the nation for you.


What if none of these are right for me?

If you fit in to the group where you aren’t able to travel or cant take a risk, then there are plenty of other clinical and non clinical ways to conquer your debt and find a high paying career route. It is for these people, that I recommend looking into home health or tele pt! And that’s just clinical, I’m also going to do “side hustle healthcare” posts, where I’ll walk you through how to start your own blog, podcast, and even self publish your own book!



I hope I have left you thinking about what other ways you can make more or save more. Just to wrap up, there are 3 unique types of career paths you can choose: per diem, contract and travel, each of which can uniquely improve your clinical skills while also providing you with increased pay rates compared to many traditional settings.

Soon we will dive into travel therapy in more detail, and how this can career path can enable you to become debt free, while exploring the nation, and growing to be an amazing clinical.

Thanks for reading and if you liked this post, please share it so that others can find this information too! And if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at!


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